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Windows 2000 - Wikipedia

Windows 2000 is an operating system that was produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It was released to manufacturing ...

Windows 2000 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Windows 2000 (also known as Win2K, W2K, codenamed Windows NT 5.0) is an operating system that was designed to work with computers that have either ... Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

For System Builders Only Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional is the most reliable desktop operating system for business. Building on the power of Windows ...

WinWorld: Windows 2000 Final

Windows 2000 was a modernization of Windows NT 4.0 which brought many of the desktop changes, including Active Desktop, to Microsoft's Windows NT line.

What is Windows 2000? - Computer Hope

May 21, 2018 ... Code-named Odyssey, and also known as Windows 2k, Windows 2000 is an operating system released by Microsoft in February 2000.

What is Windows 2000? - Definition from

Windows 2000 (W2K)is the latest version of Microsoft's evolving Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Startup Sound - YouTube

May 22, 2009 ... Remember the old days, when you started windows? Download link below. Download MP3 (free): Download ...

Windows 2000 startup - YouTube

Oct 7, 2011 ... Starting up an eleven year old + computer. I can't believe it still works after being in the garage for a long time.

Windows 2000: Microsoft's most successful failure • The Register

Jun 7, 2005 ... I noticed that Microsoft is ready to release Security Rollup 5 for Windows 2000. It's not a service pack, it's more of a convenience pack - all the ...

What is Windows 2000 (W2K)? - Definition from Techopedia

The other features supported in Windows 2000 are the NTFS 3.0 file system, Encrypted File System, Dynamic Disk storage, Active Directory Services and ...