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6 Differences Between Agents and Managers - Backstage

Aug 10, 2015 ... Agents and managers are a lot like the Israelis and Palestinians. Our views are different, there's a lack of trust between us, and we ...

Agents vs. Managers: Which One Is Right for You? - Backstage

Dec 17, 2014 ... I probably get this question every day from newer actors: “What is the difference between an agent or manager?” And then soon followed by: ...

8 Differences Between Managers & Agents - ScreenCraft

Mar 15, 2018 ... And, perhaps most importantly, what is the difference between a manager and an agent, and how do you determine which one is best for you?

What's the Difference Between an Agent and a Manager? - Vulture

Aug 24, 2015 ... Part one of any representation plan, whether agent or manager, is to familiarize the industry with your work – send out your script, invite a ton of ...

The Difference Between an "Agent" and a "Manager"

Dec 8, 1998 ... Mike Ovitz plans to return to Hollywood as a "talent manager". This is thought to be a big deal since Ovitz's last Hollywood job was "talent agent".

Agents vs. Managers — The Library Agency

Oct 13, 2017 ... Okay, this is coming up a lot, actors asking me what's the difference between agents and managers and do I need one or both. Let me break ...

AGENT VS. MANAGER - The New York Acting School for Film and ...

Many of my acting students have inquired about the difference between an agent and manager so I will try to address this issue. Traditionally, there is a definite ...

Difference Between Talent Agent vs Talent Manager -

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Agents vs. Managers: What's the Difference? - YouTube

Sep 29, 2015 ... New York City acting coach and Backstage Expert Matt Newton breaks down the big differences between managers and agents for actors.

Sports Manager vs Agent: What's the Difference? - Manager Skills

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, they are actually two separate professions, and each one has its own set of functions and duties.